You can’t be a wimp, while suffering from M.E.

On the blog of Flow Magazine I read the saying ‘Tomorrow is another day’. That is so true. As an M.E.-patient this is a slogan that accompanies me during my current life. Regularly things that I intend to do the next day or which I look forward to, don’t turn out they way I want. Because my body isn’t up to it. I know now: that is the way it goes.

Every day my life is like that TV show Wheel of Fortune. Sometimes even more than once a day, because my physical well being is unpredictable and can change dramatically. Tomorrow is another day. A new round means a new chance. Are you trying to win a washing machine? Well, that is too bad, you ran into a bankrupt. And in this game there are no bonuses because that is according to the rules of M.E.
It seems that (I am not quite sure) the Dutch host of this show every now and then sipped his glass to get through the endless recording sessions. It may have looked like water, but was nothing less than vodka.
‘Ordinary’ people go abseiling, bungee jumping or buy a house during the recession to make sure they live an exciting life, I realize cynically. Are you looking for something adventurous? Try living the life of an M.E.-patient all your days will be very exciting, because you never know what is hitting you next. Indeed: You can’t be a wimp, while suffering from M.E.

Someone can have a thousand wishes, but while being ill only one remains.* Not a thousand washing machines or any other prizes from the Wheel of Fortune could make me happy. Because unfortunately I didn’t get to do the things that I had intended for this day. Tomorrow is another day. Or the day after tomorrow. Luckily there are tiny things that make me feel a little bit better. Today that means: lying on the sofa with the new Flow Magazine that arrived last week. With a nice cup of tea. Nope, that is not vodka in there.

The blog of Flow Magazine

*) Quote by Jan Mens, Dutch writer (1897-1967)

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  1. Pattie says:

    If only it worked to drink that vodka! Not even that can make me feel any better, and it comes with bad after effects. I am grateful for those funny, happy moments, whether by kids, family, a friend, or just TV. Laughter is a good medicine and it is the only thing that keeps me going. And I know, there are many days when I cannot laugh at anything. Nothing seems funny because of the way I feel. I don’t want to see anyone and I withdraw from life, hiding away in my house. As for winning that new washing machine…would be nice, but it wouldn’t change my ability to function, or get to do laundry more often. The laundry will have to wait. Despite a few laughs from TV this morning, I am back on the sofa, unable to participate in life or interaction with people. That cup of tea sounds wonderful. I have a new art book to read. Big HUG

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