Women are not sluts, men are not cavemen

There will be differing opinions about what a ‘slut’ is. According to a Canadian police officer I am also a slut. Sometimes.

Earlier this year the police officer spoke against wearing offensive short skirts to prevent rape. Then in Toronto a Slutwalk (April 3rd) was organized to revolt against such logic.
Apparently the policeman in question does not trust himself and his fellow men as one of them encounters a woman in a short skirt. He missed out the evolution and thinks that men are cavemen who at the sight of a woman will be dragging her by the hair to their cave, holding a club in the other hand. This Saturday a march will move through the streets of Amsterdam.
I wear skirts almost daily and sometimes it is a short one. I never knew I could therefore be called a slut. I am in solidarity with these people that speak out this Saturday. I’ve already shaved my legs and I will wear my shortest skirt as I’m lying on the couch.

My boyfriend will participate. Good to know that (apart from the women who are angry about this blame the victim-logic) there are men who are distancing themselves from this embarrassing statement made by this policeman and disprove their image of cavemen. I assume they leave their club at home.

SlutWalk Amsterdam
Saturday 4th June
16.00 at the Homo-monument at the Westermarkt

Slutwalk in Amsterdam (English version).

Slutwalk in Toronto.

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