I was close, really close. I almost got it. Nearly, I started an account on Twitter. Because on May 12 – M.E. Awareness Day – @BBCSpringwatch started the theme wildlife from my window and I have so many stories to share.

Life can be like a soap opera, at least in our garden. Spring is not over yet, and so far I spotted not only cute, but also heartbreaking scenes.
Everyday a pair of wood pigeons is getting all lovey-dovey high up in the big tree. The smaller and more elegant doves had a nest at the end of our garden, but I have seen the eggs being taken by a rook. A few days later a pair of black birds were chasing off a magpie, but to no effect. The eggs were damaged. And this was already their second nest, the first one being destroyed by a storm end March.
So to tweet or not to tweet, that was the question. I could have shared all these stories and happily participate in the wildlife theme, but people were supposed to send photos. And I do not have the stamina to take up my bulky, telescopic camera to capture the baby sparrows being fed by their parents, the hedgehog hiding between the Lillies of the Valley or the jackdaws going down the chimney of neighbours.
But… indeed, there is a but to this story and it is a big one. The thing I liked best about this Spring so far, annoyed me as well. It is a bird singing after I just opened my eyes in the morning and I know it is very near to the house. I managed to capture the little fellow and if you click on the link below, you can listen to the recording and perhaps let me know what bird this is.

The annoying part of it is about me not being able to even get a glimpse of this opera singer. I tried, trust me. But when it sings in our garden I only see a pigeon and since his lips aren’t moving, it is not him I am looking for.

What bird is this?

PS – I did give in to Twitter, you can find me here: @Fleurtje_Eliza

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