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Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. ‘Tell me about it,’ your reaction might be. Life is all about the stuff that hits the fan, when you least expect it.
After years of being ill, I am aware of what might goes around and sometimes comes around. Or not, when I am counting on it.

When a story or knitting design of mine is selected for a magazine I am always delighted. But I don’t believe my luck, until it is out there in the open. When it is in black and white so to speak. Not sooner I feel happy and let my ego boast about it.
Recently I discovered that the deal about a publication of a short story had gone wrong. The latest issue of the magazine in question was there, but my contribution was not part of it. I was only upset for about twenty minutes. See? Things ain’t over until the fat lady sings, or something like that. I know it is not quite the correct expression for this situation, but I like the phrase and somehow it feels like that – even though it is the other way around. Let me just tell you that life goes on and there are worse things to moan about for longer than twenty minutes. But later that same day the reply made me feel worse, the lady didn’t even apologize and just told me that she mailed her editorial suggestions and never heard back from me. That was it.
The unprofessional attitude hit me like a ton of bricks, because I do miss having a job. It hurts not being part of a system, to have colleagues and share thoughts about projects and goals. I really can’t understand that an editor relies on sending an email only once, not thinking about messages that might get lost somewhere in or around the digital highway.
Thankfully, the next day was a new day altogether. The sun was sending her cheerful and radiant beams and I treated myself to a soy cappuccino. A mechanic came by to fix the dishwasher and asked whether I took a day off from work for this. ‘Everyday is my day off,’ I said smiling, ‘because I work from home.’ It didn’t feel like cheating. It felt right, because that is what I do. My freelance odds and ends I design, the bits and pieces I write about and even my drawing: most of it is done while I lie on the sofa, which therefore is called my office.

Let me tell you that half of the submissions (either stories or designs) I ever sent have been selected for cultural or knitting magazines, books and other things. And yes, that is my ego talking. Just give her those fifteen seconds of fame before you attend to other things on the digital highway.

** And now the fat lady sings **

PS – In may of this year my first ever published pattern was published in the knitting magazine Yarnwise. This weekend I launched it as a pattern on Ravelry. It is a combination of four different stitch patterns to fit tin cosies as desk accessories. I used two of those patterns as well to knit a pair of leg warmers and an e-reader sleeve. The pattern is for sale here, that is only four dollars for four different and smashing patterns. I would like to give some readers of mine the opportunity to get this pattern for free. For those of you who need some ideas for your holiday gifts or just want to knit a pair of leg warmers for yourself, be one of the first to use the coupon code ‘welcometomyoffice’ and get it for free. There are twenty free patterns as a give away.An account on Ravelry is necessary.
After you made these Tin cosies I would love to see your results, please show them on Ravelry.

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