We all need a bit of support

Meteorologically speaking it is Fall and indeed we have had some chilly days already. Chilly nights as well, I used the hot water bottle several times this past week.

Summer has been a glorious season to remember. Our harvest from our modest veggie garden consisted of some enormous pumpkins and lots of grapes. We are still picking bunches to this very day. And we haven’t even gathered the potato harvest yet.
In May I put eight pumpkin plants in the garden, which were all completely destroyed by rain and hale three days later. In the end two came back out of nowhere, and then those two completely took over. Thanks to the 15 meters (16 yards) of the pumpkin stems I had a very good alibi not to check for weed for the rest of the season. I wonder what the garden might have looked like if all eight, tiny, personally nursed plants would have made it. It might have turned me into a princess who couldn’t get out of her house one day.
A friend sent me a dear card to ask if I can adjust to the cold weather. Indeed, I have been wearing my thin winter coat during an evening stroll. But at this very moment we are having a few unexpected warm days. I can even take a walk without wearing my summer jacket. It is my usual routine to the mailbox. I am sending that friend a card back and included a nice herbal tea bag. Because of our chronic illness we never share a cuppa, but sending cards in both directions is a lovely gesture. I enjoy both the surprise of receiving one as the writing of one for her.

Indeed we can all do with some support from time to time. As did the pumpkins during some day of stormy weather!
It looked silly, but it was definitely worth the trouble. We never had so great a pumpkin harvest, which was also very delicious. The freezer is almost chock full – even with the inevitable cold days that are a part of Fall, this is a sign we will have a beautiful season.

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