Water management

To get some distraction from my so called normal life, I decided to watch the movie Up. And all of a sudden I was in tears. It was like my dike broke.
Once in a while it happens. And as a Dutch girl I know what to do about floodings: let it flow into the emergency flood plains for the time being, put the kettle on and pull out the chocolate bars and tissues.


Actually, I don’t watch that much TV, not even every day. Sometimes when I say that, I am told that it is weird, because you are supposed to know about the latest news. As if there are no newspapers, internet and radio. That is how I found out about the Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Henk Bleeker (aged 58) having a new girlfriend (aged 26) who is a journalist. It would have been devastating not knowing that, wouldn’t it?
The things I watch mostly are crime drama series or movies. About these crime series there is not one that I specifically prefer. That is how I also watch an episode of Midsomer Murders sometimes. ‘Do you even watch Midsomer Murders?’ I am asked by someone whose eyebrows are raised so high that it almost becomes part of his hairdo.
In these whodunits plenty of blood and details of injuries are shown. I don’t cry while watching these shows. With Up I do.

I do things differently from the way most people do them or I don’t do things that others do. There are no others. I prefer to do things my way. It will be clear: I am a weirdo. But hey, I have M.E. so I am already considered to be a looney.


PS – If you have seen Up, you know why I keep screaming ‘squirrel.’ Next time the water is high, I will avoid Up. Somehow I think this is a better way of watermanagement: Squirrel Watcher.

If you want to know more about Up, Midsomer Murders of Silent Witness: check IMDB. And about that breaking news regarding the Deputy Secretary of State and his lover, I suggest you find out for yourself through Google.

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