Unfamiliar Body Parts

Winter hasn’t even begun yet, but at the moment I am trying very hard to recover from my third flu this year. Yes, since 2018 has started I had the flu three times already! That is more than my partner and I… Well, you fill in the blanks.

All those risks out there

My partner is about to attend a meeting with fellow IT professionals and for a split second I want to stop him from going. Years ago, I used to joke that I needed man-size cellophane protective gear when going outdoors. Nowadays with me being housebound, he is the one who should wear something like that in order to come home ‘clean.’
But right now all I can think of is the possible risk. I feel like crossing my fingers and pray he runs into nothing but a food stain on his jeans instead of the germs he might pick up and bring me home.

Is there more to life than having the flu?

Having the flu is a risky business for people with ME whose immune systems are in most cases troublesome to say the least. I dread to think about the extra challenges for my body trying to cope with the fever that always seems to come with those awful germs. What if it cannot deal with it?
On the other hand – as I am furiously hoping with every single infection or bug that tries to catch a ride with me – there is the odd chance that it reminds my immune system about where we were well over thirteen years ago. That it finds it way back to where my ME started all that time ago.
Right now it is too early to tell either way and am I getting to know some very interesting muscles I apparently had all this time, but hardly ever used. The muscles at my back, just above my hips for instance. If I were to judge, I would say I got them for the sole purpose of coughing.
Thankfully, the coughing is done, the cold and the fever have subsided and the achy muscles are getting settled again. In order to be forgotten until the next episode of flu arrives.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if that blindsided immune system of mine did see the light? I cannot even imagine what it would feel like to be my same old self again. But if so, let me fill in the blanks.
I would love to be able to be a part of the wide open world again, accompanied by my partner. Going places and coming home with food stains… Yes, please.

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