On the first day of last year I had a close encounter with a lovely wren. It sat on a branch in our front garden very close to the window from which I could spy on it through the half-closed blinds. That tiny creature was a mere two feet away from me!
The second day I was treated to a chicken sitting on the windowsill. And with that 2017 got off with a flying start.


I can look back in contentment. Finding new friends online was a blast, and having people over in real life as well. Even though friends and family members mostly don’t stay longer than thirty to forty-five minutes – ME does that to me, I had visitors ten times this past year. Ten times!
Apart from that, my partner and I were also able to work on a few personal projects around the house. Improvement was made, but in all honesty I have to confess that we are still procrastinating when it comes to other jobs that need to be done. A New Year’s Resolution perhaps?
And despite the fact that it has been a while you heard from me, I managed to have several articles published elsewhere. I haven’t shared all of these here, so I have listed them below (my ego was adamant about that).

Who Was I Kidding. All. This. Time.

There were tears as well, even last week mind you. I am getting better at coping with the lack of control, but that doesn’t mean life is cake. Life is far from easy. Considering the drastic limitations, life with ME is a shitty one. A mother fucking shitty one.
For me personally, bad language is a way to deal with things, since it often makes me laugh. Some might interpret my swearing as a sign of being ill-bred or that I am stupid. For those who come to that conclusion, I suggest you read one or two of the articles from the list below and then think again. Or would it be possible for people to love me for who I am?
It is thanks to my New Year’s Resolution no more shame that I feel more freely to use this kind of language. Who was I kidding? Using foul words have always been a part of me, I just kept a lid on it, trying to appear ladylike. Ugh.

So dear readers, lovely fellow human beings, I wish you all the best for 2018. May it bring you happiness, joy and laughter. Let it be a mother fucking sparkling year.



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