Thin walls

The house next door is sold, and it took the new neighbour only two weeks to renovate and decorate with the slightest bit of noise. Lucky me.
And she has cats. Lucky her. 

I guessed the neighbour had at least one cat, since I heard her calling out ‘eh, eh, eh.’ That sounds hardly as a conversation over the phone, don’t you think? Sherlock Holmes would be proud about my skills of deduction.
These houses are built almost a century ago, so the walls are rather thin. As opposed to the house my boyfriend lived with his parents, when I got to know him. It was built at the late eighties, but the dogs next door still managed to disturb them when left home alone. The neighbour thought a baby monitoring device might be the answer to stop the barking. Whenever the dogs were making too much noise, my boyfriend’s parents were to yell at the dogs by pushing the button, telling them to shut up. Just imagining this scene makes me smile. The thought of them barking orders to the dogs… well, it is just weird. Not to say hilarious. As you might expect, no baby monitoring device was ever installed.

With the last few stories I published I got very kind comments, one even telling me to keep writing. That was just what I needed, since I am not doing too good. Life can be hard, but I will try to continue writing stories. Even if, again, those mention cats. I almost feel like apologizing, but I won’t.
Instead, lucky you – use this comment box below as if it was a baby monitoring device. Unburden your heart if you want to tell me to stop talking cat nonsense, to stuff it, or something along those lines.
Or you might have a cat story you want to share. I would love to read about it =^.^=

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