The MOTHER Of All Lists

Last Thursday a GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast was dropped on an ISIS target in Afghanistan. In the news this has been referred to as the MOTHER Of All Bombs. Brilliant, ain’t it?
Whomever came up with the Mother Of All Nicknames for America’s most powerful non-nuclear bomb was a genius, not to say the Mother Of All Spin Doctors, and deserves a medal for creativity. Or the Nobel Prize, the Mother Of All Allowances.

Here are twenty other things you never knew you appreciated:
1 – Belly Button, Mother Of All Scars;
2 – Blue, Mother Of All Hair Colors;
3 – Leotard, Mother Of All Garments;
4 – Merino, Mother Of All Sheep;
5 – What Ever You want, Mother Of All Songs by Status Quo;
6 – Knitting, Mother Of All Purls;
7 – Rolling Your Eyes, Mother Of All Gestures;
8 – Sock, Mother Of All Places To Hide Your Savings;
9 – Mascara, Mother of All Trees;
10 – Let Me Be Mother, Mother Of All Tea Ceremonies;
11 – George Clooney, Mother Of All Men;
12 – Donald Trump, Mother Of All Performance Artists;
13 – Watering Can, Mother Of All Utensils;
14 – Effing, Mother Of All Graces;
15 – Ignorance, Mother Of All Things Underestimated;
16 – Ketchup, Mother Of All Tomatoes;
17 – Personal Essay, Mother Of All Suffering;
18 – Milkman, Mother Of All Professions;
19 – Womb, Mother Of All Organs;
20 – Fleur, Sister Of All Redheads.

Untitled, art work by Fleur Duivis

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