The jackpot

We were thinking that catching mice – luring them into the trap with cheese and peanut butter – was the hardest part. As it turned out, we were rather naive.

Several people told us that it was of no use to set the mice free in our garden. They would just walk straight back in. As the first three probably did. So number four and five were dumped about 400 meters or yards away. The same day Jonatan got rid of that fifth one, I heard yet again a mouse in the attic.
In the end, none of them can resist the temptation of cheese and peanut butter. One early morning the sixth mouse was shut in the trap with a bang. This one hit the jackpot. Jonatan took the little fellow for a ride in his small Bimmer, releasing him in the woods on his way to work. This mouse must have been the coolest kid on the block or the coolest rodent of the woods, arriving by a shiny automobile.
For exactly four weeks all was quiet, then one night we were woken by a weird noise at four AM. It sounded as if someone was trying to eat his way through the bricks in the wall. Pounding the windowsill above those bricks was enough to scare the creature off.

Next time, I will yell at any mouse that enters our house uninvited: ‘clear off, if I ever catch you, you will be fed to the cat.’ Of course, I couldn’t for the life of me be that cruel. No mice will be fed to the cat. I trust it those animals don’t read my stories and therefore will not know I am only saying so. I just want to bully them, hoping they will stay away.
Otherwise, I expect the mice in the woods will make a beeline for our house, hoping for a ride in our cool car.

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