Tan and toes

I am busy, because the sun is shining. Within less than every half hour I need to change the position of my outdoor folding bed. I am loving the sunbeams, but I don’t want my head exposed to it. It makes me wobbly, like my grandmother on my mother’s side of the family. She is probably the one who gave me those genes.

I have to be careful with sunshine anyway. Because, as is the case with many redheaded people (indeed, for once my body matches some statistics!), I have a very light skin. That is caused by the genes of my father, who comes from a family with ginger colored hair. Even though he is blessed with dark hair and gets easily tanned. Would you believe the amazement of my mother, when her newborn baby girl happened to have red hair? She just never considered it as a possibility.
My light skin is sensitive to sunburn. Getting a tan is not going to happen. In the past, when people mentioned my white legs, I often took off my shoes. Who thought that I my legs were white, should see my toes. Those were never exposed to the sun and revealed that my calves indeed had a tiny shade of suntan.

This Summer it was the other way around. When going to bed, I observe my untanned legs. Those are white. White as snow.
My toes, meanwhile, are tinted. Because of that I banter and call myself a tramp. It is either due to my toeless compression stockings, or the dirt in the garden.

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