Talking to my Zpagetti

I started knitting again, when I had been ill a few months. The pleasure of this crafting is for me the fact that it doesn’t cost me too much energy. And while working on my knitwear I forget my dreaded position in life.
Sometimes when people come to visit me, they bring a skein of yarn or other lovely materials. That is how I finally got a blue skein of Hoooked Zpagetti. This is a strip of cotton that folds itself to a thick thread. It can be knitted or crocheted using large needles (12 mm or US size 17). Although it looks great, during the first two rows (not more than 30 stitches each), I felt like what I usually forget with this hobby: that I am physically challenged.

The yarn kept staring at me. On the one hand I just couldn’t resist it for looking so lovely. On the other hand I remembered what my shoulders and arms were feeling like within ten minutes.
In all of these years of being ill I haven’t started talking out loud to the plants during the time I am at home alone. At least I think so. But now I was talking to my Zpagetti. ‘What were you thinking? That I was a wrestler or something? How was I going knit you with these frail arms of mine? Why are you so hard to handle?!’ I was blaming the poor thing for my failure. And of course it wasn’t replying anything useful. But I couldn’t really hate it for reminding me of my boundaries.
When I finally came to my senses and stopped talking to it I found a solution. And I thought of myself as rather clever. I would unroll the fabric and cut it in half, so I would get two equal, but thinner treads. That yarn could probably be knitted with 8 mm (US size 11) and would be less hard to handle. Hooray: no skein of yarn is going to make me look silly.

But immediately I knew there would be trouble as well. Considering just how much work it would be to cut up 800 grams of a strip of cotton. It would be easier to wrap a tree trunk in this funny, chunky yarn as another Blue Mark. Or at least it would be better for my shoulders. But you know as well as I do that a beautiful material like this should end up as something knitted. Now I come to think of it… a loose end however, could also be a lovely Blue Mark. And yes: for all of you with some blue leftover Hoooked Zpagetti: do you get the hint?!

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