Swiffer fairy

Apparently it is the international Week of the Young Child as I hear on the radio. At the moment here in the Netherlands it is also Month of Philosophy and the theme of this year is: the soul.
For me all days are day of the soul, because I am stuck with myself (meaning: my physical body). Thankfully I am having a better view from the sofa, because of a new floor in our living room.

Let us not get into the never ending discussion that my soul is a hodgepodge of chemicals and impulses in my brain or that it really is a spirited part of me that follows feelings and emotions… Just to protect myself from loosing my marbles I need to cherish my soul, to make sure that my overwhelming disability stays on the background. The essence is not the lifting of both sides of my mouth, but the radiating smile behind it. Within that, I think, my soul is to be found.
Speaking of marbles, I would love to bind bristles under my feet like Pippi Longstocking and Donald Duck to clear the floor with lots of water splashing. But a static cloth is better, both for the floor and for me. Although I would know how to make my own version of this dancing and cleaning the floor at the same time: I would put my roller skates on and push the Swiffer through the living room!

Yes, that soul of mine is quite capable of reminding me of my childhood, in which there was no room for fears, let alone chronic illnesses or other things that I ever would think existed. Already then I knew how to brighten my own day. There were plenty of adventures, day by day. And if it ever comes to that: the roller skates still fit me.

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