Sit by the fire and don’t forget…

Sometimes it can happen that you forget what day or date it is. It happens to me from time to time, but this last summer I really made a mess of things. Somehow shortly after the beginning of August I kept thinking it was still August 2nd. For over a week.
No worries, this didn’t mean that I kept on knitting without thinking about eating or sleeping.

So when it comes to Christmas, there is a big chance I might mix up Christmas Day, Boxing Day or third Christmas Day, since this is the case all year around.
For me the lovely, dark days are not about a Christmas tree, but about the smell of fire in the air when going outside for a late afternoon stroll. Of course while wearing several layers of woollies! I do like this season for the lightening of candles or the twinkling electric cord of lights and most definitely for home made hot chocolate.
It is not especially about being nice to each other, shouldn’t we be that consistently without a special period of time or other reason? But it might be a good time to remind people about this, while they are working themselves up over all those long queues at the stores in this busy time of year. That would give you at least one reason for a knitted gift for your loved ones.
For those knitters who prefer a handmade gift: I proudly present you *drum roll* Everyday is August 2nd. This pattern is for a shawl with very playful features. Not only starts it with a triangular part, the largest part of this shawl is made out of two parallel but separate, rectangular parts. You can also knit a completely triangular version. And on top of that, it is an entirely new stitch pattern, which can be described as both classy and elegant. Everyday is August 2nd is to be knitted with 2 skeins of 100 gram (fingering or sock yarn). I used Indigodragonfly Bleats, Shoots & Leaves, colorway ‘You punched the highlights out of her hair.’

This Everyday is August 2nd shawl can be a splendid gift for a loved one. So take a seat – by the fire if possible – and start knitting this shawl. As long as you don’t forget to eat and sleep. Also make sure to remind yourself about the date of your deadline and of course treat yourself to some home made hot chocolate.


The pattern for the Everyday is August 2nd shawl is for sale on Ravelry here;
If you are not a member of the knitting community Ravelry: buy now.

I am very grateful to Indigodragonfly for providing yarn for this project. She supported me with the softest stuff ever, I love it! But given the name, I don’t dare asking her how she came up with the name of this colorway (‘You punched the highlights out of her hair’). You can find more of her wonderful skeins here..

This was another story about Christmas: Merry Christmas.

Here you can find my recipe for vegan, sugar free home made chocolate: Dark December.

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