Right said Fred

Once upon a time there was a girl who went looking for gluten and casein free recipes. Good thing she had a computer so she could pick the brains of many others, who had dealt with this challenge before.

There was no other option than to make my own bread, I decided. The pre-prepared, airtight sealed, dark slices of bread made of buckwheat flour were okay, but a bit chewy. Because of it, my breakfast almost took up the whole morning. That, and the fact that I am unwillingly a late sleeper.
The freshly baked sourdough bread from the organic store was completely the opposite. It was a pale white, spongy bread from which I could easily eat half of it within the first half hour I was out of bed. It wouldn’t even turn brown in the toaster.
So I went looking for easy sourdough bread recipes and there were various kinds of them. It meant I had to begin with a starter that later would become my pet. I had to nourish and maintain it, after I brewed it from nothing more than a tiny cup of rice flour and water.
When it starts to bubble a bit and the tasty smell of fresh yoghurt (which is on my current black list, but smelling can do no harm, I believe) appears after about four or five days, the moment is there. My starter lets me know that he is ready. It is just like it is communicating with me: ‘Right’, said Fred.

Some people wrote on their blogs that they had their sourdough pets for years. I hope my pet Fred will grow up to become a big and healthy guy. And that we live happily ever after.

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