Purring like a kitty cat

My partner is away for business and I stay home alone.
‘I am not that different from a pet when the owners are away for the weekend. It is just a matter of leaving enough food,’ I say trying to be funny. But at the same time I feel uncomfortable, realizing that my life does look an awful lot like that of an animal in its cage.

A family member went on holiday and left her cat at home. The little animal used to come to stay with us, but this monster is even for this crazy cat lady – which I really am – not much fun. Trust me when I say it is an exceptional case, because I have a big heart when it concerns cats.
To get it in its cat travel bag is an epic battle to begin with, this can’t take place without something or someone getting hurt. When arrived after the (only half an hour) drive, she needs at least two days to recover mentally. And when the crazy cat is about to leave for her own home again, this whole nasty business starts all over again. Resulting in bright red scars on my pale skin and sweat on my back, it seems easier to get blood from a stone. Being back at her own habitat, the monster needs time to get her head together again. She can be angry for days and ignores everyone for sending her through all this misery. All things considered I gather it is best to leave the cat home alone.
A friend of that family member (would you want to be mentioned with such a psychotic cat?!) risked her own life by attending the cat daily to give it food and incidentally patting it on the head, if she was in the mood for it. You probably understand that I mean the mood of the cat. As far as I can tell, that friend is usually in a good mood.
When the owner gets back from vacation the cat will start screaming and shouting the moment she hears her voice and the monster is very, very lovely for days: it keeps rubbing her little head lovingly against its owner legs and won’t stop purring.
During my partner’s absence I invited a friend. She helped me with the groceries and stayed for a cup of coffee. With this visit I hoped to avoid an obsessive compulsive disorder such as plucking myself like a parrot because of boredom. There are plenty of friends who can keep me company, but my health isn’t up to more visits. Once every few days is all this creaky body can handle.
I can’t wait for my boyfriend to get home. Hopefully with all my hair still on my head. And it won’t be difficult to imagine what our reunification might look like. I will be so happy that I shall be rubbing my head against his legs and will be purring like a kitty cat for days.

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