I didn’t like washing my hair and using two hands full of conditioner so I could get a comb through it. All this hair was too much work for my weak arms. But then again… going to the hairdresser also isn’t my cup of tea. I never had my hair this long before in my whole life.

Before I got ill I never used conditioner. I used only shampoo and turned my soapy bunch of hair into a mohawk. While washing other body parts, I kept my head away from the shower to let it soak.
After going to the gym I took a shower in a large, shared shower and at the very last moment I remembered not to put that mohawk on my head. Several times I have been very close to looking silly with my hair up in the air.
My long hair shows no indication that I am ill. It grows rapidly and it doesn’t look damaged or unhealthy in any way. In the past I had a nice hairdresser who came to my place to cut my hair and we used to joke about how all the power I possessed was making my hair grow.
Ever since she stopped being a hair dresser, my hair hasn’t been cut. Why would I if my hair doesn’t look dry or dull. If I don’t have split ends?

And that is how I kept postponing and delaying a new haircut. Until today. I am looking forward to take a shower and get myself a mohawk tonight.

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