Please, stop talking about morality

On the web I read that some people disapprove of knit graffiti or yarn bombing. That is putting knitwear in the wide open world. This adding of knitted or crocheted objects is done mostly anonymously.
Those people rather see that used material and effort would be put into charity things. Knit graffiti is seen as a waste.

As I try to sell some stuff on a site like Ebay I get all sorts of requests from time to time. I am asked to give some of it away for free, benefitting some sort of charity.
Thinking that is the way the world turns, I put out a request to someone else that was selling on this website. I am having lower back pain (among other things that I won’t nag about here *wink*) and therefore I was hoping this person would give me his or her car, because the one my boyfriend drives is a sports model with stiff shock absorbers. Apparently that is not the way it works. You can ask for things to get for free, but it cannot be cars. Or anything else that the owner him or herself paid money for. Now I understand: people only asked me to give them things that I haven’t paid for myself. That can be things like the paper packet for tea bags, samples of perfume or creams or puppets that can be collected through buying your groceries from that one shop.
I don’t want to be dragged into other people’s charities. They don’t know a thing about me, so that means they also have no idea about my life, goals, dreams or expectations. They haven’t even considered the possibility of having my own charity. I could be donating my profit with without anybody knowing. Or I could buy myself something to make my life a bit more pleasant. Or I could spend it on liquor and get drunk. Or I could light a fire with the paper money. That is up to me, to me and nobody else.
Hopefully one day I will be out there yarn bombing some place, rather sooner than later. I would like to surprise someone else with a funny present like that. It would be my gift to another person that I happily spend my time and (more valuable in my situation:) energy on. Giving something they way I want, is fine. Being asked for it is not. Even if one thinks that a charity makes it authorized.

It is useless to argue about what is a waste of material and/or effort. Watching TV can be considered wasting time. Eating non-organic food can be considered a waste of unnecessary chemicals and harming the bees or people in other parts of the world. Or what about buying cheap clothes where little children worked on instead of going to school?
I could go on and on asking even more painful questions about morality. But I won’t. Like I said: this is not the place for nagging. Let people keep on doing what they like, either knit, build sandcastles or just sit in the woods listening to birds. If one does charity, fine. If one does nothing, that is fine as well.
And please don’t pretend that one thing is higher regarding morality than the other. There is no such thing.

However, if you do feel sorry for my personal situation and me having this lower back pain: I am still hoping for a nice masseuse to come by. Or a yarn bombed tree in my front garden – so I can see it while lying on the sofa – would be nice as well!

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