Peace please: Madness (part 2 of 2)

The world is a mess, as I mentioned in my last article. Is thinking of world peace an idle day dream?
It is a difficult world to understand, but not my art works. Last time I promised you to get back to that, let me reveal what drives me to paint my freaks.

The world is about small versus big, the rich and poor, beauty and ugliness, love versus hate. In the news there is a constant switch from war to disaster. Footage of refugees competes for your attention with that of famine or illness. Afterward a possible terrorist is shown, is he a murderer? And there are plenty of demonstrations: supporting Isis, opposing Isis, pro Gaza or Israel, addressing police brutality.
After that the television is turned off and people put on the kettle. And that is what life is about: the comforting stillness with all this madness that is around. That is why I paint my freaks. On the one hand they represent the ugliness of this world, the misery. Therefore these works of art are painted in a dirty but meaningful way. Every brushstroke is about emotion. On the other, they sometimes look silly. I don’t mind if you laugh at them.

With that in mind, I would say: simply take a moment. A moment to cherish the stillness and some silly madness.

Do you want to meet some painted freaks of mine? Are you interested in seeing some of my art works? Download my Show Me Portfolio app here (Android).

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