The MOTHER Of All Lists

Last Thursday a GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast was dropped on an ISIS target in Afghanistan. In the news this has been referred to as the MOTHER Of All Bombs. Brilliant, ain’t it?
Whomever came up with the Mother Of All Nicknames for America’s most powerful non-nuclear bomb was a genius, not to say the Mother Of All Spin Doctors, and deserves a medal for creativity. Or the Nobel Prize, the Mother Of All Allowances. Continue reading

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The beauty of rain

I never thought it useful to complain about the weather. And, according to mindfulness, I am right and it doesn’t. For the last two years I have been practicing mindfulness and it has been very helpful. Don’t get me wrong: mindfulness will not help me recover my health. But it made me re-embrace life. Continue reading

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Talking to the bin

The new bin is called Mister Bin. I could not for the life of me imagine a bin being female. I welcomed him into his new home, showed him his place and wanted to put in a bag. That is when trouble began. Continue reading

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Look who’s talking

‘Can you see how this painting is only about dark colors? The absence of outspoken colors emphasizes the intimacy of this art work. These browns and reds suggest a warm and cozy atmosphere.’ This is not me talking in front of a class, or at a lecture explaining subtleties of an artwork. This is me talking to myself.
Last week I listened to BBC’s Woman’s Hour and discovered that it is not abnormal to talk to yourself. Apparently, everyone talks to themselves, so let me confess that I talk to myself quite a lot in order not to lose my marbles while struggling with ME. Continue reading

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We people with ME

Last week was not about Donald Trump, of course not! It was all about Jen Brea, a fellow ME-sufferer. And it was rather a good week for the ME community, all in all. Continue reading

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A pussyhat for Melania

Apparently, Melania Trump is a trophy wife. When she was referred to like this in Dutch media, I noticed it was done by men.
Even if Donald Trump indeed treats her like a trophy, does this make her a trophy wife? Or is Melania Trump a trophy wife, because others are labelling her like that? Continue reading

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The good, the fat and the ugly

I don’t like being told what to do. Or how to behave or how to look, but that is just the way it is in this world for everyone. We are told and tell others that a skirt is too short or a shirt too tight, to dye grey hairs or not to dye grey hairs, wether because one is too old for dyed hair or one should not give in to the pressure of the beauty industry.
Even though I didn’t like being told similar suggestions, they never truly bothered me. I haven’t lost any sleep over it. That was, until I got ill. Continue reading

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Embracing my embarrassment

‘Well, thank you very much,’ a dear friend let me know sarcastically. After I mentioned the actor Robson Green, she spent a whole weekend watching a complete season of Grantchester. Of course, the poor thing couldn’t help herself. But I bet she was smiling. And so was I. Continue reading

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Breaking down self-blame

Less than a week before the beginning of 2016 I dropped my smartphone, resulting in a cracked screen. I hated myself for it, and then and there my New Year’s Resolution was born: lose the self-blame. Continue reading

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That is what I yelled when half of a hardboiled egg slipped from my hands, leaving my dress all stained. A clean dress I put on that morning. And no, to be honest, that is not what I yelled. I cursed, very loudly. Let me not repeat what I said. Continue reading

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