Only human

I still struggle with many aspects of mindfulness, for instance trying to be in the moment, to stop worrying or stop the self-criticism. But there is that one aspect of mindfulness that is not that hard: imperfection. I am rather good at that.

Recently my hair was so dirty, I could have been in the car next to John Travolta, the both of us singing ‘Grease Lightning.’ I try to keep up appearances, but indeed sometimes I either fail to see it, or am not up to washing my hair a day or two sooner.
Another thing that I am trying to be less of a control-freak about, is my writing. You might have noticed my pieces are shorter and more to the point? I still dislike typo’s, but it can happen I don’t spot some. Yup, that is me being imperfect, it really is not that hard. I try to leave out unnecessary words or expressions as well. These days I practice ‘kill your darlings’ so easily, my partner sometimes fears for his life.

In this piece I have been sloppy on purpose, to test if you have been reading this mindfully – not doing two things at the same time. The first one to find the five flaws in this article and give the correct answers in the comment box below wins 500 dollars. No, of course not. I am only kidding.
There shouldn’t be any flaws or typo’s, but if they are: they are here by mistake. Unintentionally, I guarantee. I am imperfect. I am only human, born to make mistakes.

Recently, a new and private community started on Google+: Being matters.
A mindfulness group for the chronically ill. Forget symptoms, instead embrace your soul and inner calm. Just breathe and be… You are not alone.
Life can be hard or may look turned upside down when being ill for years. Let us help each other out by sharing thoughts and trying to find peace. We are not human doings, we are human beings.
>> Please, feel free to join or share <<

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3 Responses to Only human

  1. Pattie says:

    You are perfectly imperfect! Love the part about the hair. It can be so exhausting a chore to get it washed and and arranged. I must always rest for a while afterward…just sitting or lying on the sofa looking pretty. Thanks for keeping me company.

    • Fleur says:

      Let me know when you are singing like John Travolta, I will join you from this part of the world (and the cats will run for their lives – or people for that matter, because of my awful singing voice)!

  2. Pattie says:

    It will be some duet…I can’t sing either. Lol. One time in my shared space art studio, thinking I was alone, and having forgotten to lock the door, as I was singing along to music through earbuds, I was startled to see people wandering around looking at the artwork. I was so embarrassed. They said it was refreshing. Haha! It was an old spiritual tune from the south. I did not sound like a gospel singer. I can assure you.

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