On a diet

A professor claimed I should go on a specific diet, because he had determined that my body couldn’t cope with gluten and casein.

Because it takes some hours to drive there, visiting him is always a bit of hard labor for me. Even if I am only in the passenger’s seat. We stayed in a hotel and the next day I didn’t feel like neatly putting our stuff in the bag we brought. There was nothing else but a plastic bag from the hotel (which had ‘dirty laundry’ on it) to at least safely keep my books in. That’s what happens if you live green and try to reduce the waste that you leave behind on this planet.
For getting used to my new gluten and casein free daily life, I wanted to get rid of all those forbidden ingredients and products at home. After a few days I got myself to empty some cupboards and filling the kitchen table with goodies I was not meant to eat. I started to make up piles, one for my mother, one for my boyfriend’s, et cetera. My mum would be visiting the next day, so it was nice to surprise her with a box of organic Swiss cheese fondue. Spaghetti and some biscuits were also on her pile.
That same day my boyfriend would pick up his mother and visit some family party. Therefore I collected packages of yeast, bulgar wheat and more stuff for her. I searched the other cupboards, but couldn’t find anything to hold together these groceries. According to our planet friendly way of living we never have much of plastic bags around. All I could find was that dirty laundry bag. It was clean enough to carry my books, so why not put some boxes in there?!

My boyfriend looked quite astonished at me and asked if there really wasn’t any other bag in the house. His mother’s cooking is usually good; a dirty laundry bag shouldn’t change that. Just not for me from now on.

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