Now a bow for yourselves, ladies

We left the Olympic Games behind us and today I focus on me, myself and I, because March 8 is International Women’s Day.

Indeed, International Women’s Day should be about women’s rights. As a woman with some weird illness, I gave up fighting for my rights years ago. That is what can happen to people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (who are mainly women – how strange is that?). I tried, but I failed. However, today I can make it my day. I am a woman. So let me brag about the moment that is all but about feminism. I don’t care, because it made me feel like an Olympic athlete.
That moment was when the cleaning lady wasn’t here to keep our household tidy. The single thing that needed to be done was the cleaning of the toilet. The live version of Cowboys by Portishead is by far the best song ever, to get to work in order to provide sparkling sanitary. It has an almost aggressive beat to get your body moving and get that task done within those five minutes. Indeed, I am no cleaning lady by profession.

I was almost done and breathing heavily, but the best was yet to come. The cheering and hand claps at the end of the song. If I still had that fake golden medal with the chocolate inside, like I told you about last time, I would proudly put it around my neck. But instead, I made a deep bow to the applause coming from the speakers.

You can find the song Cowboys by Portishead here.
And for those who haven’t read the last short story about the Olympic Games: Orange colored tracksuits.

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