New Year’s Resolutions 2011

I make sure that the birds are taken care of during this cold period. It sounds easy for some to put out food in a bird house, but in my case there is more to it.

The day began with the collection of many layers of cotton, finished with a thick woolen jacket. Later that day I get dressed again, it is necessary to withstand the cold. This concerns at least two scarves, as many hats, a yoga pants and a winter coat. I am easily spotted by the birds while I am putting their food out. Full of gratitude they do a wave; they sit in a row and in turns they take a leap. After a few minutes out there in the fresh air, I quickly head back inside, where I get rid of the many garments and then take place at to my office (meaning: the sofa).
And when I lie down, I hear jackdaws screaming, they clearly can not be classified as ‘singing birds.’ I do not see them, but imagine that they are all over the branches of the sky high pine further down the road. What would they be discussing? Perhaps they are talking about the quality of the bird food in this area, complain about other feathery immigrants who come from somewhere else, perhaps they share their good intentions for New Year or gossip about me as the lady who is on the sofa for most part of the day.
I suspect that in this neighborhood it is uncommon. From my lying position I can see through the window on the front of the house and see what happens outside. Regularly neighbors come and go by bike or by car. Or they sweep their street clean. A neighbor walks by with her groceries and I hear someone somewhere cleaning the windows. Even in this weather. All these people are probably unnoticed by the jackdaws. Their meeting is over and they throw themselves en masse for the fresh food in our backyard.
It is clear that many birds sit down at dinner with leftovers and seed in our bird house. Almost a civil war is started between various winged species. I hope they do not leave blood on the windows, their turds are bad enough. You understand it correctly, I’m not excellent housewife. I do love flora and fauna, which is – I think – better for my karma than to be a good housewife!

I ignore the fact that we are at the transition to a new year, because chances are that it will not be much different than previous years were. If the quality of my life does not improve, I have only one New Year’s resolution and that will be rearranging my office. So I can look at what is happening in the backyard. If only the birds keep coming.

To all of you: the very best wishes for New Year. Let it bring us joy and good health.

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