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It really is a privilege to have a cleaning lady taking care of our main household activities. Because I am mostly on the sofa, these chores were usually up to my partner.
And since a few weeks we are pleased to have another maid, one that stays here permanently and requires no payment. All it takes is for me to talk to her and carry her around.

I meet this maid while she is on an adventurous trip around the house. Mostly that means that she is walking on the floor or wall of the living room. I always pick her up – gently – to take her elsewhere.
After several attempts two summers ago, this year I finally managed to nurse a Lemon Verbena plant, a plant that is vulnerable to bugs. So usually I put the ladybird on a leaf with that typical mesmerizing aroma. But of course also a ladybird wants to change her scenery from time to time. When we meet again on one of her long distance walks, I greet her and again I pick her up with the utmost care.

For this tiny one there are herbs in the kitchen that need attendance as well. Fresh coriander and sage, plenty of work for her to get around. Indeed, it is like having not one, but two cleaning ladies taking care of this household.
And the next time my human cleaning lady will be here, I can treat her to a nice cup of verbena tea.

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