Merry Christmas

Once I knitted a small Christmas tree in 3D for my grandmother instead of a Christmas card. She was blind in the last years of her life and this way she could literally feel that I was thinking of her during these holidays.

This summer it is two years ago that she died, at the age of 88, and I still think of her often. She had this saying: ‘I am not a twenty year old girl anymore.’ It was her way of self mockery for being slow or something else that had to do with her age.
Since being ill I sometimes use the same saying. I like it better than the expression ‘you are as old as you feel.’ Because that doesn’t describe my situation. Sure, physically I feel like an 88 year old. But somehow there are moments that I think I am 28 years old. At that age I got ill.
Even though I have no grandmother to knit a Christmas tree for, I still design a new model every year around September. It turns out to be some sort of tradition. For this year it is a tree that is made with three identical parts and you need less than half a skein of sock yarn to make it.

Time… it is such an uncontrollable and weird thing. Only time will tell if I will recover – even partly would be nice. And while speaking about timing: I will be the last person to moan about those Christmas treats that were already for sale at the end of August. Come on, stop complaining and start knitting! And let me be the first to wish you a very merry Christmas.

The pattern for the ‘Christmas was a friend of mine’ tree is for sale on Ravelry here;
Or the trees can be bought at my knitting webshop at Dawanda here.

If you are not a member of the knitting community Ravelry: buy now.

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