Magica de Spell and her needles

Usually we play a game of Rummikub with a deck of cards after dinner. But since my partner was involved in an accident he is wearing a neck brace. This hinders him to play cards, therefore we bought the original game with tiles when he felt like playing again.
The only thing is… while playing with these new tiles I seem to have lost my touch. Out of the first ten games we played in a week, I managed to win only one. And my gap increases.
However, I am not worried about my awful Rummikub results. Given the state of the car that hit my boyfriend, while he was out in the country with his cycling buddies, he was very lucky. We both were.

He fractured a vertebrae and was full of bruises. During the first week he couldn’t sit up from lying down or put on his boxer shorts without help. Thankfully within a week time he felt a wee bit better and more mobile. With me being chronically ill this household depends on him and with his injuries this comes to a halt. We took it one day at a time and only two tasks a day.
Then there was a delightful message by email: a knitting design by me was selected for a knitting book in the USA! In the next few weeks I was knitting my butt off to get the sample ready for shipment, while my dear injured cycling guy got more and more busy with things like preparing dinner. He kept joking how things were the other way around: I was the one working this time…
In between designs and other knitting commissions I knitted a small cotton bag to keep the Rummikub tiles in. And since that moment I am back in the game business! You might think of me as Magica de Spell, because I managed to win some of the games from time to time.

These games are a very nice way of entertaining after dinner at the end of the day. This morning one of my chores was to wash my compression stockings by hand. Half an hour later my partner did the same with his removable pads of his cast. On the washing line are now a pair of nude shade compression stockings next to the blue cotton pads: a very colorful display of both the invalids we are. But were lucky. We both were.

Rummikub bag with bamboo stitch

When the book will be published next year I will tell you all about it by that time.

You can find my other knitting designs here.
For the Rummikub bag I used this free pattern with the bamboo stitch. Even though it is a sock pattern. Just cast on 64 stitches (using fingering yarn) with 3mm (US size 2.5) double pointed needles and knit until the desired length has been reached. Bind off using the 3-needle-bind-off.

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