M.E. makes me nasty *facepalm*

There are many phrases and symbols used on the Internet to express non-verbal communication, such as *facepalm*. I’ll explain what this expression means. Bring the palm of your hand to your forehead and sigh. Indeed, it is a sign of annoyance. *Facepalm* can make it clear that the user of this gesture wonders about something stupid or senseless.
Since M.E. has got a hold of me, I use this gesture regularly. And not everyone can appreciate it.

Living with M.E. slows you down. In my case, it means that I do things with more attention. Also, I look at some things differently, such as priorities and valuable things in life. And I have a more critical attitude to what previously would have passed me. In my life with M.E. I am not in a hurry when I eat a sandwich and it will be difficult to catch me doing two things at once. Neither in the past, I was doing that: then I used to do three or four things at once!
I hear about someone on holiday that is disturbed by the delay of a plane, or I overhear a person complaining about head aches while working fifty hours a week. Also very interesting: someone who will be away for six weeks and gets all worked up about how high the grass on the lawn will be after that period of time.
In what kind of holiday spirits is one, while grumbling about a delay but eventually arrives at the sunny destination? Is someone unfit for the job if the work can’t be done in forty hours? Or is he the victim of a terrible marriage? And that grass? Well what can I say about that? Look at my hairy legs and come back in about six weeks.
I am not supposed to look that way at things. I shouldn’t be talking unhappy about problems like these. That doesn’t do me good on a social level. It is inappropriate for me to look at these things from my M.E. point of view. Does it make me a nasty piece of work?
Fine, I am not saying another word, I will keep my mouth shut, and ‘no comment’ is my new motto. But when nobody is looking, I hit my head with the palm of my hand. *Facepalm*? No, not really. It was just that I had some itching on my eyebrow.

And of course I understand that it can be a small disaster if the store is sold out with a product that was on sale. You don’t think I am inhuman or a monster? *Headdesk*

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