Lie to Me

Do you remember being fourteen years of age? I recall feeling lost at the time. Thankfully, there was Chris Isaak.

Recently, I almost married him: Chris Isaak.
‘In your dreams,’ you say.
You are correct, it was in a dream. It was a dream were we could not find the right gate at the airport. The numbers were all messed up without us ever realizing it – the way things are in a dream – therefore we never found the right plane and did not get married.
In real life, my high school sweetheart and I were never, and are not interested in getting married. Which made me wonder why it would occur in a dream. Perhaps I was hoping for a honeymoon on a beach as in the videoclip with the song Wicked Game. But not with me being the model Helena Christensen from that same video. I never was a Wicked Game kind of girl. I think he made far better songs, than this one.
At fourteen his music kept me going, saving me from social demands and awkwardness by fellow teenagers, hormones and the fact that my stepfather was seriously ill. I remember longing to be an adult: to get my driver’s license and free myself from peer pressure. I can proudly state I managed both, but that does not mean life is cake.

Nowadays, I listen to music by Chris Isaak again. And when having a difficult day with my Myalgic Encephalomyelitis – either physically or mentally, being ill is not easy – I know this day will eventually change into night. Then I close my eyes and whisper ‘Lie to Me.’ Who knows, we might meet again.

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