Leftover yarn, blue of course

We have a lot of birds in our garden and sometimes when I sit outside and try not to move, a sparrow will drink from the water bowl on the table. I sit only ten feet away.

Since spring started, the temperatures are higher and the sun has been shining wonderfully here in Holland. That means the birds will need nesting material soon. We have two nest boxes, but there are plenty of bird species that build their nests in trees or other parts in the wide open world. And of course we want to help them build their future home for their chicks. Luckily my boyfriend is not the kind of person who regularly sweeps the terrace. Therefore the birds can collect a variety of dead leafs and branches.
And I read a blog about someone who filled a bird feeder with leftover yarn. I think it is a wonderful idea and started the same thing already. But since I am the founder of this art project that is all about the Blue Marks, there can only be yarn of one certain color in the bird feeder here.

Again we are sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine. In a tree, that is budding but still quite bare, a male sparrow is trying to seduce a female. He is showing off by moving his wings with the beautiful, shiny feathers, while he is twittering away. She is hopping from one branch to the other and answering his calls with her own lovely sound. After a few minutes she takes off and – reluctantly it seems for a second – he follows her.
My boyfriend claims the male bird is rejected, but it could mean something else. Giving in immediately might give her a bad reputation and she wouldn’t want to look cheap. Perhaps therefore she is just playing hard to get.
I can only hope that while the bare stalks turn into a dense shrub the pair of sparrows will build a safe and beautiful blue nest.

You can read here the blog about leftover yarn as nesting material.

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