Kids, cats and horses

Are boys and girls really that different, apart from their gender? When a friend came over with her three year old son, the little fellow preferred to stay with us. Instead of playing with a ball in the hallway, he would rather cozy up with the ladies. So sweet!

So perhaps he is not going to be a man who tries to look like he is made of steel, or wants a motorcycle, and refuses to carry a shopping bag when it is bright pink? Either that or he will be a ladies-man, a womanizer. I have to admit: I have already fallen for him.
However, his seven year old sister is a very girly type, as far as I can tell. Often, when meeting her, she is wearing something pink. And the friendship book she wanted me to fill in was about horses. Thankfully it wasn’t about dogs, that wouldn’t be a very girly thing to begin with. And I am more of a crazy cat lady myself. But even so, I would have left my personal notes in her book no matter what animal or theme it would be about: I felt ever so flattered.
It made me think about life in general, there were essential questions about dreams and future occupations. For instance what goals I have: a book with my name on it. The name of my favorite horse? Jonatan, of course!
And there was this question what I want to be when I grow up. Well… who doesn’t want to be a rock star?! I answered this one very sincere when I wrote down: only time will tell.

I try to be patient and to gradually see what is coming to me, what the future holds. A book with my name on it would be nice. A ticket with my name on to get to a warm and sunny island would also do the trick.
But a day trip to the zoo with these two kids and her mum would most definitely crack me up: nothing to do with horses, but interestingly very big cats.

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