Just an ordinary day with a yummy slice of fruitcake

Recently it was my birthday, the 35th to be precise. I didn’t celebrate it, but it was nice that some people called or sent a card.
A birthday is just an ordinary day. However, my boyfriend and I had a slice of gluten, egg, dairy and sugar free and fruitcake. Yummy is the right description for it.

I remember being in the kitchen with my mother and baking a cake. I have a clear image of standing on a chair, so I must have been a toddler.
There were dark brown tiles on the kitchen counter. The ones on the wall were light brown, like the curtains of the living room. It was the early eighties as you might have guessed. The mixer was white, which was perhaps rather dull for that time. I do however seem to remember an orange colored vacuum cleaner. Or is that my imagination? I am not sure. One thing that I know for certain, is that the best part of baking a cake was licking the bowl.
About three decades later that same mixer is in our kitchen. But I am not using it. The tool is not only the size of a brick, it also weighs that much. Thankfully we are the proud owners of a second hand Kitchen Aid. Getting the dough prepared with this wonderful machine is… well yes, it is a piece of cake!

Like I said: a birthday is nothing more than an ordinary day. Just like the one before or the next. But everyday can be a day to eat a slice of this wonderful fruitcake. And that is what I do, almost every day.
After baking it, I put it into slices of 1 cm. or three quarters of an inch. That way it will fit in the toaster – another lovely kitchen tool that I can’t live without. It tastes so nice with some melting sunflower butter on top, try it! Treat yourself and don’t forget to lick the bowl.

Recipe for a yummy gluten, egg, dairy and sugar free fruitcake

** You will need these ingredients:
200 gram (1.75 cups) raisins and currants;
300 ml. hot water;
A bag of herbal tea/infusion with berry flavor (or any kind of tea you prefer);
300 gram (2.5 cups) of flour (I use buckwheat and rice flour);
A pinch of salt;
Half a teaspoon of cardamom;
Half a teaspoon of Stevia (liquid);
One tablespoon of baking powder;
One tablespoon of no Egg mixed with half a cup of water;
100 gram (7/8 of a cup) of sunflower butter.

** This is how you make it:
Put the raisins and currants in a bowl, add the boiled water and the tea bag and let it soak overnight;
The next morning you pick out the tea bag, throw in all the other ingredients and mix it using a mixer or food processor for a few minutes;
Grease your baking tin and/or put a silicone paper inside. Add the dough and bake it in a preheated oven for an hour on 190 degrees Celsius (375 Fahrenheit). Enjoy!

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