I did it: I am a Guerilla Knitting Girl

It was late at night, but not yet midnight. It was dusk, but not yet pitch black. And I was out there in the woods with a knitted cloth and a tapestry needle under my arm climbing a tree.
Well… to admit: I wasn’t really climbing a tree. However, I was holding onto its branches to add my blue knitwear. And it felt like performing some very sporty exercise.

For years there are different kinds of guerilla knitting groups active in the States and parts of Europe. Too bad here in Holland those aren’t that well known. It is also called yarn bombing, like the seed bombs that are left behind by Guerilla Gardeners, or knit graffiti.
I was always intrigued when reading about guerilla knitting on the Internet. How much fun would it be to add such a weird object in an empty park, to feel the excitement of placing a surprise for someone else. How would people respond? Would they like it? Could there be people who wouldn’t notice that knitted object at all?

So there I was, with already a burning feeling in my arms to uphold and attach my knitted blue cloth. I didn’t mind the pain – everything comes with a prize. Despite my obvious artificial addition to the woods, there really was a connection with nature. I felt like a fox or a cat leaving her scented trail behind. I put on my tag. Now I can claim that I was there.

For your information: I made this knitwear with a slightly fluffy yarn, using the classy blackberry stitch to give it texture. Any Nordic Walker, cyclist or squirrel that passes my blue knit graffiti should be impressed.

If you want to see the result: 40 – Blackberry stitch in the forest.

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