I am looking for a heartbeat

My partner has a heartbeat monitor that includes a GPS tracker. It can show the length and course of a training outdoors. After he had his cycling accident it showed that the farmer, who took care of his bike, had it on the one side on his land during the morning. Later that day it was moved as the computer program showed.

Nowadays I like to use this device for my, almost daily, short walks. I make Big Brother watch me. The first two sessions didn’t give a result at all, because apparently it wasn’t up to these tiny distances with such a slow pace. Indeed, I am not training to run a marathon as many owners of this monitor, or even for a 10K race as Dear Husband did during the beginning of this year.
The device could be adjusted to my pathetic tempo so now it works just fine. The apparatus comes with a huge watch on which you can find your current speed and other relevant information. Thanks to the GPS, it can even get you back home, in case you might be lost.
I feel like talking to this watch, like I did to my yarn once, and like David Hasselhoff used to do in the TV-series Knight Rider. ‘K.I.T.T., I don’t know how to get back from this mailbox only two blocks from home. Can you please help me out,’ I would whisper. Whisper because I would feel silly talking to a watch in the middle of the street. I don’t have to. I could pretend to be the first ever owner of the Google iWatch. A watch that is not only a sat nav and a clock, but can also be used as a phone. Or perhaps even as a hair dryer, you never know what these guys will come up with.
Of course I don’t get lost while posting a letter, I am not that silly. The weather is fine and I am happily humming Heartbeat, a song from the eighties. When I am back home, my ordinary notebook computer does not only reveal my average heartbeat or the way I traveled this last quarter of an hour. On the Internet I also find out that this is a song performed by Don Johnson. It was not a hit song by David Hasselhoff as I was thinking. Apart from their haircut, it is not that odd to get them mixed up: both being actors from the eighties with well muscled bodies and very macho characters.

My partner is recovering from his accident – already three months ago – just fine and he started working for a few hours a day. Good for him. Not only because to be back on track of a normal life (being occupied with work, socializing and having not to worry about health), but also because I am frantically searching Youtube to find out about that one hit song by David Hasselhoff.
I can’t seem to find it. I wish I could ask K.I.T.T.

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Here is the music clip Heartbeat by Don Johnson;
And while we are at it… this is the theme song of Knight Rider.

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