I am a wonderer (part 2 of 2)

I don’t mind being called a looney, like I said many times before. Apart from having M.E., that most don’t understand, there is of course my nail polish extravaganza, and the art I make.
However, I can proudly tell you that I never was a cry baby. That story I told you last time… well, let’s just say I got it a bit wrong.

When I asked her, my mother told me that I never cried my eyes out. Nor did I scream from the top of my lungs, opposed to what I told you. But I was indeed a very hungry new born and no matter what hour of the night, when my parents came to check upon me, I was wide awake and looking around with my big blue eyes.
Nowadays, I am again looking around, using my eyes. What is going on? What is happening and why? I consider myself a wonderer. Things I see happen, that I am told or I read, are fascinating me.
Wondering offers inspiring material for making my art. Unfortunately, this is no longer a daily or weekly part of my life, but when it did, I would pick up my charcoal and wonder what is behind these stories. I question myself if perhaps a part is fictional or added – possibly even without the narrator being conscious of it. I draw and ask myself why things are suggested in a certain way. Are there flaws? Doubt occurs. Sometimes things are not what they seem to be, like that story of me being a cry baby. I daresay doubt is a good thing. Do you dare to doubt?

Decide for yourself and keep those wondering questions coming. Perhaps while taking the time to look at the art animation Who Decides, which I made for Android devices last year.
Your life is up to you and so are your decisions. Open your eyes and look around. Keep wondering.

Free art animation Who Decides

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