I am a pig

I am a pig. Or a swine. Or perhaps I used to be a likewise animal in a previous life.

The lip balm I was making, was with the essential oils patchouli and lavender. I was unsure how much drops to use. Better be safe than sorry is often my motto, so I figured it would not be problematic if I put a little too less of it in the liquid that was the lip balm to be.
After cooling down, I opened the lip balm stick and sniffed it. It clearly smelled of lavender, while that was even half of the dosage of patchouli I put in. But when applying it on my lips I was immediately satisfied, because the patchouli was definitely there. What a happy outcome.
Patchouli is supposed to be very good for skin problems, and wound healing. It also has anti bacterial properties, and is known for its earthy aroma. This is very typical and not to everyone’s liking, but I am loving it. To me patchouli aroma reminds me of freshly, wet leaves.
During Autumn we collect the fallen leaves in the garden and put them on top of the veggie patch – which is then empty after a glorious summer. As some know, I am a big fan of Autumn Watch (BBC) and it was thanks to this TV show, that I learned that these leaves will be eaten by earthworms. They suck those into the ground and this is highly recommended for your garden. Not only the poo that is the output of the leaves, but also the movement by the worms is effective. This makes the earth breath, so to speak. Some other interesting knowledge about worms, of course thanks to Autumn Watch: earthworms can even speed up to 20 meter (66 feet) per hour.

When putting on my patchouli lip balm with that hint of lavender, I know for sure. In my next life I want to be a pig and roll around in the smelly, wet leaves. Or be an earthworm, but I can not promise to get to that speed of twenty meters an hour.

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