Homemade ice tea

A part of my life as a patient with M.E. is about making choices. And most of the time it is about choosing between two bad options.

The need for a mental floss is one of those things. During the song Pretender by the Foo Fighters I might want to turn up the volume and dance like crazy. Only in order to forget the misery for a minute or five. This can be exhausting on the one hand. But on the other hand: never giving in to an urge like this, I could end up losing my marbles!
The weather has been great here in the Netherlands since more than a week. But the rising temperature had its effect on my body. Even with only my lower legs in the sun, my body can get overheated. I continually keep my head out of the sun, yet sometimes the temperatures are so overwhelming that I still end up with a fuzzy head.
The other option is to have no sunshine at all. That way I am on a bed in the garden and completely protected from the sunshine by an umbrella. Or two.
When I treat myself to large glasses of ice tea, it gives me goosebumps. Seriously. Silly me, having such a weird body. Good thing that I came up with this variety of recipes to make ice tea. At least that is about choosing between different yummy lemonades. And all of them are sugar free! I would advise you to listen to a song of Erykah Badu with it.

Do you want to sip your own lovely, homemade ice tea? Try some of the next recipes I came up with last week.

1 – Lemon Verbena: this ice tea is the easiest one. Boil as much water as will fit your lemonade jug. Take a handful of leafs from the Lemon Verbena plant and tear them into strips. Put them in your jug, add the boiled water and let it cool down for about two hours. Then put it in your fridge and let it cool more;

2 – Malva Tea with Mint and Stevia: take a teabag of Malva tea (that is a bag of infusion/herbal tea. Malva is some sort of Hibiscus) and follow the instructions as above, using the leafs of Mint and Stevia plants. You can also use the Stevia liquid or powder you can buy in stores;

3 – Elderflower: like the Malva tea this is also an infusion or herbal tea. I bought the dried leafs at the organic store. Fill a tea infuser with three teaspoons of leafs for every liter (0.3 US gallons) of water. Put the infuser in the jug with the boiled water and the rest is history.

Do you have any good recipes for homemade ice tea yourself? Please share them here. I will be most grateful and thinking about you while drinking it!

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