Happy Cool Down Day

The day before last it was Happy Caps Lock Day. Instead of typing in capitals by accident, you were supposed to write all your text on the computer like that on purpose on the 28th of June.
At the end of the same day a summer storm passed Holland. After a few tropical days there was this massive rainfall and lots of thunder. If I wanted to tell you how it sounded it would all be in capitals. And guess what? I am a bit scared of thunder.

The temperature was way too high for me to go outside. I tried keeping the house closed, but soon it was already 25 degrees Celsius (77 Fahrenheit) indoors. The storm that was coming our way as predicted by the weather forecast was more than welcome. But I didn’t expect it to be this loud with all that thunder. Why am I so scared of it?
Perhaps that is because my instinct is a bit over-active. An instinct that goes back to the time that we were some sort of homo, but not yet a homo sapiens and back then you were supposed to be afraid of everything that looked like or sounded bigger than yourself as a way of protection. Another explanation could be that my adrenaline level isn’t what it should be and that is not uncommon for a M.E. patient. Otherwise it is just me being silly.
Me being silly? How about that person that came up with the idea to make a special day for the phenomenon of using only capitals by mistake? Can you even call that a phenomenon? Isn’t that person being silly?

If it is that simple, I can do better. How about we commemorate the first day in the season when a nice summer storm blows away those extreme temperatures? I would call it ‘Happy Cool Down Day.’ I can imagine people on the street who can’t wait for refreshing rain and a huge drop in temperatures would greet each other and say ‘Hello, Happy Cool Down Day!’
Just for me though, it would be nice if the next summer storm is all about rainfall, but has a tiny bit less of those thunder storms. SO IT WOULDN’T SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF ME.

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