Grooming for Spring

This year’s Easter was colder than Christmas four months ago. So when the weather forecast finally was mentioning temperatures appropriate for this time of year I got nervous. I just had (nothing could stop me) to paint my toenails in a bright, aqua blue color of course.
Ladylike you might think? Perhaps not.

Thanks to the radio-show Early Birds I learned that it was Easter without the usual eggs. Because of the cold, and even dry weather, it was difficult for birds to find enough food. Perhaps some started building a nest, but producing eggs wasn’t on their mind yet.
Personally I can’t wait for Spring to arrive and with that the rest of the migrating birds. Their songs and twittering – it will be a joy to listen to. In our garden are not one, but two water bowls for these feathered friends. If they want to start grooming in order to seduce a mate, they are free to have a go at it.
And I will be keeping my fingers crossed, because last year’s sparrow nest with the small, blue eggs was a big fail. A magpie came round to get those tiny chicks. The only comforting thought I could think of was that those poor little babies might be a healthy meal to feed magpie chicks. Ah well…
Again I did some grooming myself as well. After the toenails, I polished my fingernails today. And I hate it! The polishing is one thing, but the nerve wrecking doing nothing with your hands up in the air so to speak is the worst. So I ended up – again – with removing it, because I damaged the varnish. And now my fingers look all dirty, because this time it was black polish and it is in my pores or something. I look like an animal that used her claws to dig up some dirt.

So yes, I try to be a lady, but I am not. Not because of the dirty fingers, but because of the swearing that came next. Sorry guys, you would be better off listening to the birds.

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