Frozen and heart warming gifts

Already since Spring started, the weather here in the Netherlands has been warm and we were treated to many sunny days. And while I am still enjoying the sunshine on my skin, I would like to point out the cold weather that is about to come. Even if it is still months away.

Personally, I am not a Christmas gift knitter. But those who are: in August they often start planning those handmade presents. Christmas is the time of frozen landscapes and heart warming woollies knitted with love.
As a knitting designer, I lack words to express my fulfillment when I see the outcome by others from my patterns. It is a treat, really. I am thankful for every photo of a finished object that reaches my inbox or appears on the Ravelry database. Ravelry is an online knitting community.
With that in mind, how grateful do you think I am with having test knitters help me out? People who volunteer to spend time and yarn to knit a design that is not without flaws yet. Especially when they tell me lovely anecdotes about their knitwear, as this one about my Collared Cape design: ‘I have to tell you that this is my daughters “go to” item when she is either cold or wants to dress up like Elsa in Frozen or any number of characters that wear a cape.’ That really makes my day!

So with many thanks to my test knitters, I proudly present two of my designs that are very suitable as a gift for when it is freezing outside. And I am very happy to reveal that the Collared Cape and the Fabiola Cowl are respectively part of a knitting book and magazine in print. In print!
I restrain myself from already wishing you a Merry Christmas. Once, I managed to do that in September, so I will not behave that silly again. Instead, I hope you enjoy your weekend and around Christmas time, I probably will suggest some Spring knitting designs.

Fabiola Cowl in Creative Knitting Magazine, for more information click here and here.

Collared Cape in 60 Quick Luxury Knits, for more information click here and here.

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