For sentimental reasons

When I was three years old I got my own adult sized bed. And with it my mother bought a ladylike duvet cover for this tiny girl I was. After I started living on my own – with my first double bed, she kept the cover in a wardrobe for years. Recently she gave it to me. She needed the space on the shelf, and thought I wanted to have it for sentimental reasons.

And what did I do with it? Put it back in yet another wardrobe? Instead, I was ruthless and cut it up. I turned it into a lining of this computer sleeve. For me there is no fun in storing things on shelves – I’d rather reuse it and enjoy the lovely blue and white fabric again. It still looks great after all those nights I slept under it. And no, I am not advertising for a certain laundry detergent. I am just showing how you can find something as beautiful as this right under your nose.
I am happy to share that the computer sleeve with the blue butterfly fabric is published in this knitting book: Basic knitting and projects, by Stackpole Books. The all over, diagonal pattern is my design and has instructions for both the iPad size and an 15 inch notebook (for instance a MacBook Pro).

This thirty years old piece of cloth is now a very retro and appealing vintage object, thanks to its delicate butterflies. Ladylike, ain’t it?!

Knitting book and McDaisy tablet sleeve

Fabric McDaisy tablet sleeve

You can buy this wonderful knitting book at Amazon here.

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