Follow your heart, don’t try to do the so-called right thing

Looking back at 2011 I remember – among other things – the death of Steve Jobs, managing director and charismatic pioneer of Apple. Not because of his inventions but because of the indiscreet comments about his choice for alternative therapy for the pancreatic cancer of which he later died.

Max Pam for instance called this choice ‘embarrassing’ on the Dutch radio last month. The presenter of the radio show Theodor Holman fully agreed with him.
Can it be possible for a person to make his or her own judgment regarding his or her own body, even if it is this extreme? But what can be expressed as extreme or even embarrassing? Someone who is overweight and takes the elevator? A sufferer from M.E. who consults a psychic? Or women who want plastic surgery on their labia with the risk of vaginal mutilation? You can discuss these issues and form your own opinion. Personally I don’t understand how women can be dissatisfied with the look of their own vagina, but seem to be indifferent to female genital mutilation in other parts of the world. But that is my view and just a humble opinion. There are as many views as there are people, but isn’t the decision taken by that one person not therefore the right one? If these women think they will increase their happiness by good looking lips, who am I to judge them? Of course as long as it doesn’t harm anybody else.
But apart from that I suggest that we remember Steve Jobs by this wonderful quote: ‘There is no reason not to follow your heart.’ And indeed that means that you no longer can be expected not to follow your instinct. Or end something that was making you feel miserable.
Recently I had a discussion and I expressed my opinion (nothing more) that whatever someone does, it has to be genuine. That people do things that they feel is right and especially honest and for real. Otherwise please don’t bother, because what do actions or decisions mean if those are not sincere? No, I was wrong. According to my opponent as the world turns people can’t be doing only things that they think is right, otherwise the world would come to an end. That is a moral statement about decency and I disagree. In real life I would rather get help from people who like to help me instead of those who think they should do the ‘right’ thing. This also works the other way around: I am writing this article with pleasure while I could have cleaned a window instead.
The fear that the world will come to an end because people follow their own genuine emotions is unfounded. There are only few who have the guts to leave their comfort zone to do as they think is best, in all honesty. Not everyone is spirited like Steve Jobs or dares to follow his or her own heart.

We are way up 2012 and I guess that your New Year’s Resolutions have not been fulfilled yet. Forget about those and cherish the wonderful quote by Steve Jobs. Do as you like above the usual standards and priorities and don’t act as a decent person. Follow your heart, even if (someone from) your surroundings doesn’t understand. Being called ‘embarrassing’ is not the worst that can happen. Neither is a dirty window.

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