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Even though it has been a mild winter, I have been longing for this Spring to arrive for months. The first weeks when dusk sets in during the late afternoon are indeed spherical, but I welcome days with daylight and temperatures that make it possible to sit outside until late in the evening. I am so ready for Spring and Summer.

I am a food freak, but that doesn’t mean I am desperate for fresh vegetables every single day. For instance: when preparing grilled tomatoes and onions, I make a whole bunch of it. That way there is a box of ready-to-go-veggies stored in the freezer for a next time. It is not that different from the jay that buries nuts in our garden during the end of summer.
My mother used to make fried tomatoes with onions and eggs on toast on hot Summer evenings. I loved it. Last Summer, on one of many lovely sunny days with high temperatures, it called for this favorite dish. Thankfully, I only had to get that box from the freezer, let it melt and add the eggs when frying. Life can be simple.
But the dish tasted a bit funny… and then we found tiny bits of carrots in it as well. This wasn’t my rustic grilled tomatoes with onions serving at all? It turned out to be a pasta sauce my partner made a while ago. I remember my mother telling me to finish my plate when I was a kid, and we ended up eating oregano pasta sauce with eggs on toast that evening. It wasn’t so bad.

I need to have a serious talk with the jay, before the next time he will be here to store nuts. He seems to have a bigger cache than he can eat, since there are growing tiny oaks in our garden every Summer. This is clearly his doing. Dear jay, you are most welcome to our garden, we love the look of you. But please, finish your plate during Winter!

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