Easter on fire

Easter is on its way, the countdown has started. I am not someone that complains about the Easter treats being in season a week after Christmas, or that Christmas cookies can be bought in August. I don’t understand that that is something you can be irritated by in the first place.
However, I dare to admit that I am not amused with this idiotic diet of mine, because in the last week there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t been dreaming about tasteful Easter biscuits. It is those dry biscuits with the sugary cream in the shape of a fried egg on top. Well, those are the ones that are *&#%^$( forbidden.

It seems that people spend as much money on Easter as on Christmas, when it comes to food. The supermarkets will flourish these coming weeks. But not on my account, because nowadays I am a food freak and I eat nothing but organic.
Thankfully my diet doesn’t exclude sugar- and dairy free chocolate, even though it is rather expensive. Perhaps I will ask my partner for those yummy truffles made from raw chocolate and dates to bring me for Easter. A box of truffles contains three for the prize of three euros. I told you it was expensive. But smoking costs more and I am glad that I don’t smoke. Apart from the chocolate I am not that expensive on maintenance, except when it comes to toilet paper and heating!
In all those years that I have been ill, it was just this last winter that I purchased a new coat. It is a nice warm jacket, almost the size of my sleeping bag and with the same feeling of comfort and warmth. It is enormous heavy, I am having difficulties to carry it, but while wearing it is fine.
The last time I was at the doctor’s I took it off in the waiting room, when it was my turn I put it back on, and took it off the moment I was in his office. But don’t think I am complaining, I am not.

What I like most about Easter is the aroma of Easter fires. This celebrates the return of Spring. The Holi festival is a Hindu tradition where a bonfire ends all negativity and honors the beginning of Spring.
So let this be the end of the dark days, the cold and the necessary winter clothes – nope, my new coat won’t be part of that bonfire. And give way to the arrival of Spring. I am so ready for the sun, even for proverbial sunshine.

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