It was only yesterday I was thinking about the movie Look Who’s Talking with John Travolta. And today the song ‘You’re the one that I want’ from the Grease soundtrack was on the radio. Of course I just had to turn up the volume and then I shivered with goosebumps!

Look Who’s Talking had a scene with a hysterical Kirstie Alley exclaiming that it hurts when something big enough for a lemon has to deal with an object the size of a melon. She was referring to the birth of her son Mikey (his voice was done by Bruce Willis). The reason I remembered it, was because of my pimples. Since I am ill I am having these huge spots on my face and other body parts. The human skin is flexible and can deal with something underneath having the size of a pinhead. Not the size of a pea. A big pea.
Not one of my most flattering things, I admit. But you should be glad I am not telling about the cold sores I had last week. One nostril was half filled with it. I put zinc ointment on it, which made me look like someone with a serious cocaine addiction. No need to whine over a painful pimple, this was far worse.
Ever since I saw the movie Grease – it was in a community center when I was a kid – I was in love with John Travolta. You can imagine how thrilled I was when I discovered my parents had the record, which I still have somewhere in the attic.
John Travolta is called the King of Comeback. He was known for his movies Saturday Night Fever and Grease and revived with Look Who’s Talking years later. Then he seemed to be forgotten about, but made another comeback with Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction.
I had a comeback from being ill once in all these years. At least it looked that way. Thinking I was on my way back, I gradually seemed to be getting better. But I was not making a full recovery. And after taking several steps back I am again a couch potato at the moment. In other words: way off track.

Thinking of my childhood hero makes me keep hope for unexpected things in life. What if we both make another comeback? It would be wonderful if he made another memorable movie. And it would be even better for me to sit in a cinema chair watching Travolta on the screen.
His best movies are always the ones with at least one dance scene in it. If it does, I might be buying the soundtrack. But first I will search for the old Grease album. And singing while I walk up the stairs: ‘You’re the one that I want. You. Are. The. One. I. Want. O,o, ooooh. Honey.’

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