Colorful food for thought (chia seed recipe)

My eyes are green
’cause I eat a lot of vegetables

These are the first lines of the wonderful song ‘Green Eyes’ by Erykah Badu. I love to listen to this slow song while the weather is hot. But the lyrics are all wrong, with the veggies I eat on a daily basis my eyes would also have been a lovely green.

My eating habits are possibly reflected in the color of my skin. Once I have been told it is so pale and thin it looks like parchment. I love eating zucchini, kohlrabi and eggplant. Those are all white inside, perhaps that explains it?
But I am also fond of some explicit dark things like brown rice, black noodles and chia seeds. That last one is a recent discovery by me concerning food. White chia seed is also fine, but doesn’t look half as good in a dish. I found two great recipes online with this superfood ingredient. First of all a marvelous chocolate pudding: über yummy wouldn’t even describe the sensational treat, after quitting dairy over three years ago. The second recipe is for a pasta dish with beetroot and walnut. And with these current high temperatures it does really well as a cold salad dinner. Another advantage: it is very, very quick to prepare. Let me add a third favorite recipe with chia seeds. I try not to eat this chia seed peanut butter pudding with banana every day, but let me tell you it is addictive.

Because I am a redhead (this has nothing to do with me eating tomatoes or the mentioned dinner with beetroots too often) I have to be careful with my skin during the sunny summer days. Let me confess that I am too lazy to protect my skin with sun screen (even though it has coconut oil in it ans makes me think of Malibu drinks) so I try to keep to the shade. You might expect me to be as white as a polar bear, but somehow I don’t resemble this animal – neither in hairy skin, nor in skin color. Even under the umbrella the amount of freckles has doubled! If it wasn’t for the sun this must be cause by my brown ingredients diet.

Chia seed peanut butter pudding with banana:

Let two tablespoons of chia seeds soak in over half a cup of milk (soy, rice, or something else) for about two hours. Then add a big tablespoon of peanut butter and honey or stevia. Stir well. Peel a banana and mash it through your substance. Enjoy!

You can find the chocolate pudding recipe here;
The recipe for the beetroot dish here;
And the song ‘Green Eyes’ by Erykah Badu here.

Perhaps you want to drink some home made ice tea with the high temperatures. You can find my short story and recipes here.

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