Christmas everyday

Only a few days after I finished my my latest article about soap ā€“ in which I happened to mention the word ‘poo’, someone told me a funny story about poo. No worries, it is only about potty training. Did I ever tell you an indecent story?

Two women we’re sharing stories about their grandchildren. One of them proudly presented the fact that she tricked her grandson into potty training. Every time he used the toilet or his potty, he would get a gift. Within no time the kid had complete control over his bowels. No surprise there, I would say.
But when this method was applied to the grandchild of the other grandmother, something completely different happened. This kid would be sitting on the loo for the whole day. The whole day, he would not even go outside to play, instead he waited for the reason for his present to arrive.
I had my fair share of tummy troubles, ever since I got ill. It would be marvelous if one of these ladies made that deal with me. It would be Christmas everyday.

Of course, I think the method of these poo presents are ludicrous. What ever happened to a pat on the back or even a punch in the air?
However, I am still unsure what to think about that boy sitting there, waiting for his turd. Either he is a genius, or he is bound to end up as a bankster later in life.

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