Buzzing around

On the First day of this New Year they are suddenly there. They are simple, modest in color and size, but an eloquent statue of peace and quiet. I see half a dozen snow drops in the middle of the green, unwieldy grass.

While I write this – yes, the old-fashioned way with pen and paper as I lay on the sofa – geese are flying over. I can’t see them, it is dark outside. Their voices can be heard easily, not hindered by the scratching of my pen on the notepad or the buzzing of the computer that my boyfriend is using.
Speaking of buzzing: 2012 is the year of the bee. That is important because they manage the pollination and thus are an important part of our ecosystem. These golden flyers are vulnerable. Whole colonies are dying caused by illnesses, pesticides and climate change.
Climate change is a problem created by our luxurious lifestyle and animals are affected by it. What about those geese flying over? Are they finally making their way to the south or are they already coming back and flying to the north where they will be greeted by Nils Holgerson?
Perhaps this means that there will be no further low temperatures this winter? Which is fine by me, I don’t flourish very well during a frosty winter.

Let 2012 be full of busy bees, both in the garden and in scientific research about illnesses. I also hope for many moments of peace and quiet and contemplation. Dear reader: don’t hurry. 2013 will be here before you know it.

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