Butt naked – part one

Almost everyday I learn a new word in English. Last week, when reading the Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame it was ‘nosebag.’ Yesterday it was ‘moobs’ and today ‘twerking.’
Indeed I have been up to something completely, since finishing the mentioned book.

The twerking was because of Miley Cyrus, who was wearing latex underwear during her frequently mentioned show at the MTV Video Music Awards 2013. I don’t mind her stage appearance, or sexual movements of her body. Haven’t we learned from the sixties (yes, I am referring to a period about half a century ago) that a woman can wear what she likes, and walk or talk as she likes? And that the way she shows herself doesn’t make her a slut as the lady in question was often called? People seem to forget that it is her own sexuality she is expressing. How come this is a bad thing when it concerns women, but not men?
Speaking of men… What I far more mind than this show of Miss Cyrus is the clip that goes with the song Tunnel Vision by Justin Timberlake. He sings about his love for this one woman – hence the tunnel vision, and several female dancers are shown. More than one as you might expect with this title. They dance around almost nude, wearing nothing but a thong, in clouds of smoke and are shown with Timberlake’s face projected on their bodies. I am distracted by the singer – who is fully dressed, mind you – and his silly feet moves. The nudity regarding this video has been called ‘artistic’. I doubt if I can live with this as an alibi. Please bear in mind that this was not a comment applied to the discussion about the performance of Miley Cyrus.
All of this annoyance regarding Tunnel Vision could simply be out of the way, both the nude ladies and the ridiculous (not even hilarious) feet choreography. If Justin Timberlake shows himself in his underwear, and lets his own skin be the canvas of all the artistry he can think of. Or perhaps while wearing nothing but a thong? Or even butt naked? Or with his feet tied together? Well, don’t let us get carried away.

The Wind in the Willows is a story about a variety of species of mammals. Off course them being men, all of them are dressed. And it is not Mole (as one might expect), but Mr. Toad who has a tunnel vision. That is what you call ‘artistic expression’: turning things around, showing a layered depth, Mister Timberlake!
Thinking of the Wind in the Willows, right now I think I do get carried away. I can’t help myself, somehow an image keeps popping up. One that wouldn’t do him any good if wanting to sell his album. Justin Timberlake wearing nothing but a nosebag.

Another time, I will get back on the ‘moobs.’

The definition of twerking can be found here;
Photos of the performance by Miley Cyrus can be found here;
The video Tunnel Vision can be found here;
And for those who aren’t sure about the meaning of the word nosebag, you can find the definition here.

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